What is the GP32

The GP32 or the Game Park 32 is a 8 bit hand held video game system that is a lot like the Game Boy Advance that uses SMC cards for data otherwise know as Smart Media cards. It makes it so amateur’s can develop games and software for it. The one thing that makes it different from the Game Boy Advance is the connection via USB 1.1 port. It was manafactured in the early 2000’s.
About 28 games were commercially made for it including the popular Blue Angelo which was a RPG/Platformer. There are many open source developers that have made many ported games/emulators. Also there are public domain games made from people like you and me.
It has a ARM 920T GPU that made it very easy for emulators to be made and developed for it. It also was able to handle 16 bit games from other consoles.
If you want one of the consoles best of luck. It was only sold in Portugal, Italy and Spain. It was never released in America. So if you can find it used pick it up. It has achieved a cult status to this day.
It had the ability to play mp3 format music files and also could be connected to personal computers. All of the games were either downloads on the JoyGP store (which was the international version of the MegaGP, which was a online store in Korea) most of the games were sold at a cheaper price than the physical ones and the download prices ranged from 10.00 to 30.00.

There were 3 to 4 different models.

The first one was the GP32 NLU – The NLU ment No light Unit and only relied on ambient light. The second release was the GP32 FLU Front Light Unit. It had a bigger screen and had a light in it. It was released in late 2002. The GP32 BLU had a back light and soon after that the BLU+ was released. The only bad thing about the GP32 BLU+ is that it is incompatible with some of the software that was made for the original GP32 because it has different screens.

Finally the sound was a 16 bit stereo in four channels with 44.1kHz and the ram is 8MB SDRAM and it takes 2 AA batteries or a 3-V DC adapter.

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